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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

CORPOGRATIS ... the accountability of it

american politics and it's players are a soap to watch but I don't watch TV get my news from the internet where it's filtered to tailor to my tastes. Subscribing to the internet could mean that I click on the news I want.... ha ha that's normal.... you can always change the TV channel too ..hear about the would be presidential candidate Mitt Romney

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told an audience, “corporations are people.”

The remark was hardly a misstep -- Romney persisted in arguing his case that corporations ARE people because corporate profits end up "in the pockets" of people.

Of course some corporate profits end up in the pockets of an ever-shrinking number of people who control an ever-growing portion of our nation's wealth... and some end up going to SuperPACs like the ones that are collecting massive corporate donations to support Romney’s campaign. Simply put, corporations are not people, and should not be treated as or afforded the same rights as people under the law.

Tell Mitt Romney he's way off track. Corporations aren't people, and he should retract his comment.

and there's a petition to sign

wow ... but HEY that's the law.. now..

CORPORATIONS enjoy the same freedoms as you and me .. they have their rights and their lawyers to protect and lobby for them. Corporations are headed by other corporations until the real people behind everything are lost in the shuffle .. of course they are dealing the cards too.

CORPOGRATIS will keep running amuck in society until some powerfull congress of righteous individuals tell these corporotox to disband their empires and choose a responsable person ie human to answer for it and be held accountable for it's actions ..

elect yourselves in 2012

coporotox ... coporations that foul up the environment

corpogratis .. corporations that consider themselves free of responsability

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