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Monday, 4 June 2012

Choosing the right CMS

Webmastering is a hobby of mine .. the internet is the best way to communicate between people and groups .. I know that FACEBOOK is in the middle of the traffic and is still the best bet for finding and building a strong fanbase for a band or a business.
I have opened  and closed most all of the free stuff I could find on my server and the Internet. There are presently 75 databases in the rawdon-qc.net and I'm still in the process of trying out different Content Management Systems. This type of enterprise is mostly experimental.. I try out different variations of the same old script to see which one looks the best and which one the users find the easiest to manage...

I am starting to understand oxwallCMS as there seems to be a way for a USER to be promoted to admin the project. I would like to share my knowledge of these communication systems so I'm still searching for the right template for the needs.

What you can do.. follow links that I leave here and join up maybe 5 places I have on line at the moment open accounts and post sample stuff spend the time to test the systems out and we'll choose the best one for the project.. which is a db of local musicians profiles and clubs and stages that hire in the region.BOTTIN BAR.

http://solorama.com/tiki/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=1 CMS TikiWiki

http://bottinbar.com/tiki/tiki-index.php another version of TikiWiki

http://solorama.com/e107/news.php e107 source of the Rawdon Forum and many other projects. am quite familiar with and is top3 on my list ..

http://stvolo.com/beatz/index.php?view=listener&option=com_profile&name=WillieWestern BEATZ is a script that maybe of use as a repository of videos not online elsewhere and of course those that can be embedded into the system from Youtube.

http://solorama.com/zazavi/login.php another script for you to test..

http://solorama.com/fusion/news.php this CMS resembles e107

so here are 5 different CMS for you to evaluate keep me uptodate on your findings by posting in here ... I will grant admin status where available and you can go deeper into the CMS to understand how it works .. I will be glad to help you send questions using the system you are working on .. have fun enjoy..

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