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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Re: My dogs!!....12 years later I have no more dogs...

Monday, 4 June 2012

Choosing the right CMS

Webmastering is a hobby of mine .. the internet is the best way to communicate between people and groups .. I know that FACEBOOK is in the middle of the traffic and is still the best bet for finding and building a strong fanbase for a band or a business.
I have opened  and closed most all of the free stuff I could find on my server and the Internet. There are presently 75 databases in the rawdon-qc.net and I'm still in the process of trying out different Content Management Systems. This type of enterprise is mostly experimental.. I try out different variations of the same old script to see which one looks the best and which one the users find the easiest to manage...

I am starting to understand oxwallCMS as there seems to be a way for a USER to be promoted to admin the project. I would like to share my knowledge of these communication systems so I'm still searching for the right template for the needs.

What you can do.. follow links that I leave here and join up maybe 5 places I have on line at the moment open accounts and post sample stuff spend the time to test the systems out and we'll choose the best one for the project.. which is a db of local musicians profiles and clubs and stages that hire in the region.BOTTIN BAR.

http://solorama.com/tiki/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=1 CMS TikiWiki

http://bottinbar.com/tiki/tiki-index.php another version of TikiWiki

http://solorama.com/e107/news.php e107 source of the Rawdon Forum and many other projects. am quite familiar with and is top3 on my list ..

http://stvolo.com/beatz/index.php?view=listener&option=com_profile&name=WillieWestern BEATZ is a script that maybe of use as a repository of videos not online elsewhere and of course those that can be embedded into the system from Youtube.

http://solorama.com/zazavi/login.php another script for you to test..

http://solorama.com/fusion/news.php this CMS resembles e107

so here are 5 different CMS for you to evaluate keep me uptodate on your findings by posting in here ... I will grant admin status where available and you can go deeper into the CMS to understand how it works .. I will be glad to help you send questions using the system you are working on .. have fun enjoy..

Monday, 12 March 2012

OPINION: Cyber whatever the Rawdon Muni scandal

OPINION: Cyber whatever the Rawdon Muni scandal 
So let's review.. it's now march 10th 2012 49 months after the mise-en-demeur of jan29 2008 .. she won, and then lost, we won and were offered mediation feb10 2012

the Participants
BERVERLY PRUD'HOMME  (500-09-019906-098)
RICHARD PRUD'HOMME  (500-09-019909-092)
DANIELLE DELBECQUE  (500-09-019914-092)
STEPHEN LEBLANC alias STEVE SOLO  (500-09-019915-099)
APPELANTS – défendeurs-intimés

INTIMÉS – demandeurs-requérants
THE GAZETTE, division de Canwest Publishing inc.

So now it's finally time to tell my side of the story.. I believe the citizens of Rawdon deserve more anecdotes for their 1000000$ donation to the Major cause. 

Let's take the wayback machine and go back 8 years to 2004 ... that's when the Rawdon Forum began it's first blog.. this is when the Major clan first noticed our presence.. SQ captain Major visited me in civies asked me not to talk about the his mairess politics on the internet, these early blogs and photos were done on the public server like geocities.com.

On May5 2005 under the name Steve Solo, I opened an account and registered the domain name rawdon-qc.net (1) with the Toronto server  Inverdigm inc. (which quickly changed their raison d'etre to HostMDS after being subpoenaed by Dunton Rainville) *see how easy it is for a corporation to option out of the spotight the exact opposite was afforded to me*

According to the legal notes/profile which started in 2008 the court went after Steve Solo .. because he was in the phonebook.. Dunton Rainville's Me Carl Éric Therrien & Me Anne-Marie Coutu presented a theory of complicity to judge Guibeau and they sent the bailiff 2 techs and 2 police cars to my house in anton pilar style raid. 

Their immediate knocks to the door disrupted a romantic tete a tete, upset my dogs, and put me in a foul mood for nearly four years. I was paraded into court in February 2008 and every six months after for an update on the investigation  that really wasn't going anywhere.(2)

I was advised to hire a public defender because I have no money and was forced to go on welfare to prove it and forced to merge the 2 accounts Steve Solo & Stephen LeBlanc so the the focus was on my given name as on the official texts. Here again I lucked in fact being that if I had paid my own lawyer I could have continued with the alias .. this is just one big point that helped my case in the beginning.. I'll tell you why suppose I registered a name as copyright and applied for corporation status .. I didn't, but that's a moot point . The public record showed differently being that Solo registerd the www.rawdon-qc.net domain. Based on that  point they were after a coporation not an individual. As a corporation I could deduct costs of a good lawyer but as an individual I could obtain minimum representation .. were they surprised when I waltzed into AideJuradique claiming to be Steve Solo.
http://www.canlii.org/fr/qc/qccs/doc/2008/2008qccs4573/2008qccs4573.html [12] 

The judge ruled that I wasn't allowed to further my investigation into the secret dealings at muniVille telling me that under no circumstances should I repeat any Major event concerning Rawdon, under threat of comtempt of court.. 9 juillet 2009 par la Cour supérieure, district de Joliette (l'honorable Danielle Richer) I had already closed down the internet forum so what did they want? 

Rawdon is a town of a modest 10,000 residents: how could it run up legal bills in the amount of $541,675.25 (as of Dec. 31, 2009)? That is just over $54 for every man, woman and child living in Rawdon

Well the MajorMunis wanted damages from me for being the ring leader of their so called case for diffamation of $360000. Well that was pretty scary stuff they were talking real money.. that sent me to the doctor for some happy pills.. like the mairess I was depressed.. not only that. I was blacklisted in Rawdon I couldn't even get job singing in the local bars as one of the council yesmen was a barowner. In order to gain any employment I had to travel out of the Rawdon area. 

On a few Sunny afternoons I enjoyed performing on the terrace of the Cafe des Artistes within view of the Mairess's office on Queen St. made tips of $25 an hour and had a good time watching people dance to my beat.. later the Cafe's lease was not renewed.  

CAGE has since noted that following the initiation of the Rawdon test case, another case was fashioned in the image of the Rawdon test case model. In December 2008, a majority of the municipal council of Beauceville authorized funding to sue a local media outlet for alleged defamation of the municipal government and its mayor. The text of the Beauceville Resolution actually states that it seeks to have the law firm (Dunton Rainville) that represented Rawdon in case number 705-17-002451-084 “do for Beauceville what they did for Rawdon.”

The name Steve Solo was used repeatedly in the Joliette newspaper L'Action, adding to the confusion in Rawdon and later using my legal name added more hurt to an already difficult situation. Not only did the local newspaper devote one sided editorials to the matter but also le Devoir and other majors in both languages. These were hard times .. for me my friends. 

Before my legal aide Lawyer David Couturier quit to take an offer with Dunton Rainville (dcouturier@duntonrainville.com) he made a gesture of kindness because he liked me as a person I guess (hisWords). He filed a suit for damages against the Municpality of Rawdon and Major and Lacroix for $720,000 in my name and gave me the name of another lawyer from Montreal Kimon Kling.

 So there I was with no legal representation, and public figures after my ass.. In order not to be consumed by these events I chose to layback and observe the others .. 

Beverly Prudhomme and her son Richard Pudhomme filed an apeal with higher court of appeals Under the advice of Kimon Kling, I sought and was underwitten by my lawyer for the cost of the request. source  http://www.canlii.org/fr/qc/qcca/doc/2009/2009qcca2409/2009qcca2409.html

On March 26, 2010, the Quebec Court of Appeal overturned a broadly-worded blanket interlocutory injunction which had been issued against several Internet bloggers who had been involved in posting comments on an Internet forum, rawdon-qc.net. The interlocutory injunction, which had been issued on July 9, 2009 by Justice Danielle Richer of the Quebec Superior Court, had sought to altogether prohibit the Internet bloggers from somehow defaming the Government of Rawdon, its mayor, or director general in any way under threat of contempt of court proceedings.(3) http://www.thesuburbannews.ca/content/en/3697

In quashing the interlocutory injunction issued by Justice Richer, the Quebec Court of Appeal noted that the rawdon-qc.net blog, which had been established in 2005, contained some 240 webpages of various comments and that, at most, some 22 comments may have constituted commentary that may be highly objectionable and possibly defamatory, and that Judge Richer had failed by attempting to somehow prohibit any and all defamation at large by the bloggers as against the municipal government and its officials (which is tantamount to censorship).

There are over 1,100 municipalities in the province of Quebec. Allowing any one of them to sue for alleged defamation of the municipal government with taxpayer dollars, would give a wide open door for oppression of political opponents in no uncertain terms. One need only be reminded of the infamous Padlock Law in Quebec, which was originally designed to address communist propaganda, but later became a powerful tool for the more generalized oppression of political opponents and minorities in Quebec.

Quebecers should pay close attention to this case, especially any citizens who post critical comments about municipal governments on the Internet. If the Rawdon government defamation case does not meet the definition of a SLAPP, a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, what does? One would hope that Quebec courts would be able to see it the way the average citizen of Quebec sees it, and balance the playing field for persons having to defend this kind of lawsuit pursuant to the new anti-SLAPP legislation.(4)

So let's review.. it's now march 10th 2012 49 months after the mise-en-demeur of jan29 2008 .. she won, and then lost, we won and were offered mediation feb10 2012 .. all of a sudden the munis were ready to offer us money to buy peace. Some people came to an agreement but most not... to throw gas on the embers the local newspaper lAction published a piece that pointed the finger at the citizens once again until others and I complained and it was retracted and withdrawn from the website.
 .. this option was never given to the citizens because no words paragraphs or quotes were ever presented in the initial mises-en-demeur and I was subject to verbal abuse and harrasment in that  2 page document and discounting the english101 translation  ..they just gave us a deadline to remove any diffamation from the website without giving examples. only in court did I know what they objected to

Feb 6 2008 The night of the raid the Munis were not even able to present a rider of quotes they deemed offensive. They proceeded to take the contents of my hard drive passwords banking information and homemovies.. too broad of a search for their mandate and no legal representation available to me that night.. on this they lose bigtime.

So what happened to the mediation ? since I am all alone now no representation I'm once again in the dark .. what's next? I get a chance to ask this question at the monthly muni meeting on tuesday nite at CityHall .. who knows maybe we'll finally get some justice here in this town of Rawdon

ft note 

(1) legal documents submitted in P5 gave rawdon@qc.net as the website.. doesn't make much difference to check the facts when you put on the bullysuit..
(2) so nowhere when asked by the appeal court to submit memoirs the munis DR had nothing more to ad. Except to delay once again.
(3) Daniel Romano http://www.thesuburbannews.ca/content/en/3697
(4) thanks to Daniel Romano is a Montreal lawyer and founder of CAGE (Citizens Against Government Encroachment)


Friday, 10 February 2012

Canada, eh!

1. Vancouver : 1.5 million people and two bridges. You do the math.
2. Your $400,000 Vancouver home is just 5 hours from downtown.
3. You can throw a rock and hit three Starbucks locations.
4. There's always some sort of deforestation protest going on.
5. Weed.

1. Big rock between you and B.C.
2. Ottawa who?
3. Tax is 5% instead 
of the approximately 200% it is for the rest of the country.
4. You can exploit almost any natural resource you can think of.
5. You live in the only province that could actually afford to be its own country.
6. The Americans below you are all in anti-government militia groups.

1. You never run out of wheat.
2. Your province is really easy to draw.
3. You can watch the dog run away from home for hours. 

4. People will assume you live on a farm.
5. Daylight savings time? Who the hell needs that! 

1. You wake up one morning to find that you suddenly have a beachfront property.
2. Hundreds of huge, horribly frigid lakes.
3. Nothing compares to a wicked Winnipeg winter.
4. You can be an Easterner or a Westerner depending on your mood.
5. You can pass the time watching trucks and barns float by.

1. You live in the centre of the universe.
2. Your $400,000 Toronto home is actually a dump.
3. You and you alone decide who will win the federal election.
4. The only province with hard-core American-style crime.

1. Racism is socially acceptable.
2. You take bets with your friends on which English neighbour will move out next.
3. Other provinces basically bribe you to stay in Canada .
4. You can blame all your problems on the "Anglo A*#!%!"

1. One way or another, the government gets 98% of your income.
2. You're poor, but not as poor as the Newfies.
3. No one ever blames anything on New Brunswick ..
4. Everybody has a grandfather who runs a lighthouse.

1. Everyone can play the fiddle. The ones who can't, think they can.
2. You can pretend to have Scottish heritage as an excuse to get drunk and wear a kilt.
3. You are the only reason Anne Murray makes money.

1. Even though more people live on Vancouver Island , you still got the big, new bridge.
2. You can walk across the province in half an hour.
3. You can drive across the province in two minutes.
4. Everyone has been an extra on "Road to Avonlea."
5. This is where all those tiny, red potatoes come from.
6. You can confuse ships by turning your porch lights on and off at night.

1. If Quebec separates, you will float off to sea.
2. If you do something stupid, you have a built-in excuse.
3. The workday is about two hours long.
4. It is socially acceptable to wear your hip waders to your wedding.

Pass this along to Canadians who need a laugh and foreigners 
who can learn something about Canada and then enjoy a good chuckle.

Let's face it: Canadians are a rare breed. Let's keep it that way!

The Official Canadian Temperature Conversion Chart

50° Fahrenheit (10° C)
· Californians shiver uncontrollably.
· Canadians plant gardens.

35° Fahrenheit (1.6° C)
· Italian Cars won't start
· Canadians drive with the windows down

32° Fahrenheit (0° C)
· American water freezes
· Canadian water gets thicker.

0° Fahrenheit (-17.9° C)
· New York City landlords finally turn on the heat.
· Canadians have the last cookout of the season.

-60° Fahrenheit (-51° C)
· Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
· Canadian Girl Guides sell cookies door-to-door.

-109.9° Fahrenheit (-78.5° C)
· Carbon dioxide freezes makes dry ice.
· Canadians pull down their earflaps.

-173° Fahrenheit (-114° C)
· Ethyl alcohol freezes.
· Canadians get frustrated when they can't thaw the keg

-459.67° Fahrenheit (-273.15° C)
· Absolute zero; all atomic motion stops.
· Canadians start saying "cold, eh?"

-500° Fahrenheit (-295° C)
· Hell freezes over.
· The Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup

Canada, eh!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Canadians agree it's time to legalize marijuana

Hallelujah! Canadians agree it's time to legalize marijuana www.vancouversun.com

Four decades ago, the LeDain Commission similarly called for an end to the criminal prohibition of cannabis. Who's leading the way? Those aged 55 to 64. Why? Yes, there are a lot of old hippies. But of all the age cohorts, the middle-aged and elderly, the late-boomers are learning faster than most that marijuana may be the Aspirin of the 21st century.

A new poll suggests Canada may have reached the tipping point and a 66-per-cent majority favours legalizing marijuana.

Legalizing soft drugs would allow that industry to get out of the black market, just as the abolishment of prohibition did in the United States in 1933.

Legalizing pot would also eliminate a great deal of the crime and corruption linked to that sector of our economy. In an illicit market, by definition, you cannot have any laws to regulate the exchange of goods. Violence and bribery are the usual ways of resolving conflict.

I am quite sure that Bob Marley’s spirit could inspire the Grits for their next election campaign slogan: No victim, no crime... Getting high on the Grits’ pot plank
The Liberal Party convention last weekend revived the old debate on whether or not we should legalize marijuana.

and of course who really profits from all this bad attitude .. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Politics/2012/01/18/19262636.html

MPs get 'platinum-plated' pensions

Depending on where you're standing it's either the ultimate in freedom 55 - or

Monday, 16 January 2012

simplistic sexy YAMAHA AUDIOGRAM 6 digital recording interface

My band mate wanted me to go shopping with him in Montreal. We drove down to Italmelodie on Jean Talon & Henri Julien in front of the big  Market .. this is a great store and I hadn't been there for a dozen years Gary was looking for a compressor for his bass and a tuner. He also bought a 2 guitar stand a Shure sm58 microphone and some cables .. following my plan for the day I bought some picks... but I was seduced by a piece of hardware designed for computer recording. 

It looked like a little mixer with buttons knobs and lights, and I was finally gonna get a real digital recording interface. After gazing at walls of guitars basses for a bit more, I went back and bought the little YAMAHA mixer. Once HOME I set it up beside my Peavey PV8 Mixer ran the included USB cable into the pc tower..bingo the lights came on. I transferred the guitar jack and the`mic cable to the digi-mixer and was ready to test 1 2 into the mike. I still had to go in and set the audio card control to use the USB drivers and I was recording on my copy of Cool Edit.

For 139$cdn I bought the best new piece for my budgetstudio. It's made my recordings clearer and louder the compression is very useful I can bang away on the Fender and my speakers don't snap crackle or pop. If you are into Podcasting this tool and a good microphone and cables are all you need to record CD quality projects. You can read what others are saying about The AUDIOGRAM 6 below.

The AUDIOGRAM 6 features 2 XLR combo inputs with preamps and one-knob compression for dialing in the desired sound from microphones and instruments. One of these inputs has switchable phantom power for using high-quality condenser microphones. Two stereo inputs, stereo and headphone outputs, and a USB jack complete the unit’s connections. The AUDIOGRAM 6 includes separate controls for audio inputs and computer playback for complete control while recording.

 Laid out like a mixer and so not have cables coming out from the front. USB powered, which is one cable less, and the ability to control DAW output while listening to live input. The single knob compressor is also a nice accessory on it, good and easy to use and not having to fiddle with a thousand knobs to get good compression that most listeners cannot tell apart.

Here are the 2 mixers side by each in my studio
Yes, this thing works perfectly, yes, this thing is quite well priced for all the features, and yes, I would buy it again if something happened to it. Now, as for why I specifically love THIS interface- it's the best in its range, bar none, in my opinion. Sound quality is something that you can't put into your spec sheet, and this thing has it in spades. Other interfaces don't often have the smooth as silk sound that mine does. Another winner for me is the layout and appearance of this device- it simply looks sexy, and it's entirely intuitive to use. But the number one thing that sells me on the Audiogram? I've taken to calling it the "Wizard"- it's that one-knob compression. It is genius. It makes my recordings sound like I spent way more money on equipment than I did. Everytime I use it, I cannot help but wonder why on earth someone think of it before. The software is take it or leave it- I couldn't get it to register online, so I had to stop using it, but I liked it while I had it, it's just simplistic. I highly recommend this product.

FREE Digital Audio Workshop online click this search from GooGle

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

CORPOGRATIS ... the accountability of it

american politics and it's players are a soap to watch but I don't watch TV get my news from the internet where it's filtered to tailor to my tastes. Subscribing to the internet could mean that I click on the news I want.... ha ha that's normal.... you can always change the TV channel too ..hear about the would be presidential candidate Mitt Romney

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told an audience, “corporations are people.”

The remark was hardly a misstep -- Romney persisted in arguing his case that corporations ARE people because corporate profits end up "in the pockets" of people.

Of course some corporate profits end up in the pockets of an ever-shrinking number of people who control an ever-growing portion of our nation's wealth... and some end up going to SuperPACs like the ones that are collecting massive corporate donations to support Romney’s campaign. Simply put, corporations are not people, and should not be treated as or afforded the same rights as people under the law.

Tell Mitt Romney he's way off track. Corporations aren't people, and he should retract his comment.

and there's a petition to sign

wow ... but HEY that's the law.. now..

CORPORATIONS enjoy the same freedoms as you and me .. they have their rights and their lawyers to protect and lobby for them. Corporations are headed by other corporations until the real people behind everything are lost in the shuffle .. of course they are dealing the cards too.

CORPOGRATIS will keep running amuck in society until some powerfull congress of righteous individuals tell these corporotox to disband their empires and choose a responsable person ie human to answer for it and be held accountable for it's actions ..

elect yourselves in 2012

coporotox ... coporations that foul up the environment

corpogratis .. corporations that consider themselves free of responsability