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Friday 8 April 2011

the Price of gas is rising every day.... 30% in the last 6 months

the Price of gas  is rising every day.... 30% in the last 6 months.  Not much choice except pay through the nose .. watch the specials, drive with only a half tank, for me that's 40$.. and slow down.. that's what I do to save fuel.

Not taking the van out everyday for a joyride is more the norm now for me .. some days I don't even start 'er up.

Us rural folk, the one the libs keep referring to in campaign2011, need our cars to get around.. distances are too great to hoof it or cycle, and half the time, the weather is too inclement.

How come? well it's a commodity, everyone needs fuel, so the price keeps going up. Everywhere in the world there's a growing demand so prices will continue to rise until..well .. there is no more. Billionaires are buying future production and storing it to create an even larger profit. We don't have the buying power as simple consumers, except maybe to  join Costco .. In the mean time enjoy your ride ..

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