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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Video Blogging run your own TV Station on the Internet

I've been broadcasting live music from my home studio over BlogTV since 27 Oct 2007 ... met a lot of people who shared the same interest .. collaborated with some and amused thousands of listners.
My old school buddy BlueBarry suggested I try ManyCam and sent me the dnld link from cNet So that I did and installed it on my tower. The software worked right away and I could operate two cams simultaneously. The main window can show one cam and the insert window show the other cam.. both at the same time. I could also run a video from my collection in the main window and have a cam operating in the insert.
testing ManyCam - Broadcast your self LIVEBlueBarry told me how to blogcast on BlogTv and I was on the air in no time. Here's a test of the system recorded on blogTv ...
CNET great software for any VJ and internet blogging really easy to use and fun too... the weather in Rawdon at 09h00 is -13°C clear skies and no wind .. calm before the storm? Don't think so ..close to 1 cm of snow from Tuesday Afternoon high -6°C to Wednesday Morning high -13°C

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